Delighted Breakfast

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This collaborative project together with Pablo Alfieri is a playful and enthusiastic way to portray early morning sex.
Away from the classic erotic language, we wanted to depict two different subjects that modern social conventions discourage us from experimenting with. Since we were children we were told not to play with our food, and definitely not even talk about sex. So we challenged ourselves to explore these topics in an innocent and direct way – an ode to pleasure, enjoyment and freedom.

Limited Edition Prints:
Medium Edition: 27.5 in x 19.6 in ( 50 cm x 70 cm) Limited Edition of 50 + 2 PA
Large Edition- 35.8 in x 24 in (91 cm x 61 cm) Limited Edition of 25 + 2 PA
The Limited Edition prints are signed, accredited and numbered by the artist and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Open Edition Prints:
Mini Edition: 11.81 in x 7.87 in (20 cm x 30 cm)
Small Edition: 11.8 in x 15.7 in (30 cm x 40 cm)

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Each Print is created with care using archival paper and superior certified 100+ years inks.
Fine-Art Giclée Print over 100% a-Cellulose, bright white, Hahnemühle Fineart Pearl 285 grs.
This artwork is sold unframed with a 3 cm white border in the medium or large edition / 2 cm small edition / 1 cm mini edition.

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