About Paloma Rincon

Paloma is a Madrid based, Mexican born, photographer working worldwide, from experimental and personal projects to commercial assignments for big companies.
She creates visual games in the intersection where photography meets sculpture, design, instalation or illustration. With a playful and contemporary aesthetic approach, the resulting images showcase interesting worlds where shapes, textures, materials, lights and color blend together living in harmony inside fine, rich, and detailed graphic compositions.
Paloma´s photographic images are captured after a very thorough process that starts with the main idea and it´s creative developement. It is followed by a careful selection of props with a graphic and sleek set design in an abstraction of reality through the use of practical but decontextualized elements. She plays with the viewers perception juxtaposing unconnected objects redefining their meaning.
Paloma combines an accurate use of technique and the creativity of a craftsman. Playing with reality, the beauty of handcraft recovers its value and magic. 

“Her work updates the tradition of the still life to the digital, advertising age. And it’s so hashtag aesthetic— no momento mori here; instead, Rincón is interested in bright colors and fascinating forms, with palpable textures and absurd juxtapositioning. She’s a photographer, but also the author of the formal compositions her lens captures” –The Creators Project - VICE